Western Bulldogs Football Club
West bulldogs logo14


    Nickname(s) Bulldogs, Dogs, Doggies
    Joined AFL from VFL
    Minor Premiers   —
    Premierships 2016
    Runners-up   —
    Wooden Spoons 2003
Other Information
    Matches Docklands Stadium
    Training Western Oval
Western Bulldogs home guernseyWestern Bulldogs clash guernsey

Year Titles Medals Home Ground Coach
Premiers Runners
Coleman Brownlow
1987   Western Oval   Mick Malthouse
1988   Western Oval   Mick Malthouse
1989   Western Oval   Mick Malthouse
1990   Tony Liberatore   Western Oval   Terry Wheeler
1991   Western Oval   Terry Wheeler
1992   Scott Wynd   Western Oval   Terry Wheeler
1993   Western Oval   Terry Wheeler
1994   Western Oval   Alan Joyce
1995   Western Oval   Alan Joyce
1996   Western Oval   Terry Wallace
1997   Western Oval   Terry Wallace
1998   Princes Park   Terry Wallace
1999   Princes Park   Terry Wallace
2000   Docklands Stadium   Terry Wallace
2001   Docklands Stadium   Terry Wallace
2002   Docklands Stadium   Peter Rohde
2003 2010 Logo Western Bulldogs   Docklands Stadium   Peter Rohde
2004   Docklands Stadium   Peter Rohde
2005   Docklands Stadium   Rodney Eade
2006   Docklands Stadium   Rodney Eade
2007   Docklands Stadium   Rodney Eade
2008   Adam Cooney   Docklands Stadium   Rodney Eade
2009   Docklands Stadium   Rodney Eade
2010   Docklands Stadium   Rodney Eade
2011   Docklands Stadium   Rodney Eade
2012   Docklands Stadium   Brendan McCartney
2013   Docklands Stadium   Brendan McCartney
2014   Docklands Stadium   Brendan McCartney
2015   Docklands Stadium   Luke Beveridge
Year Premiers Runners
Coleman Brownlow Home Ground Coach
Titles Medals


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