Brisbane Lions Football Club
2010 Logo Lions
    Nickname(s) Lions
    Joined AFL 1987 (Bears)
1997 (Lions)
    Minor Premiers   —
    Premierships 2001, 2002, 2003
    Runners-up 2004
    Wooden Spoons 1990, 1991, 1998
Other Information
    Matches Gabba
    Training Gabba

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The Brisbane Football Club known as the Brisbane Lions is an AFL team that joined the league as the Brisbane Bears in 1987. They merged with the Fitzroy Football Club after the 1996 season to form the Brisbane Lions.

   Brisbane Bears Years   

Year Titles Medals Home Ground Coach
Premiers Runners
Coleman Brownlow
1987   Carrara Stadium   Peter Knights
1988   Carrara Stadium   Peter Knights
1989   Carrara Stadium   Peter Knights
1990 2010 Logo Lions   Carrara Stadium   Norm Dare
1991 2010 Logo Lions   Carrara Stadium   Robert Walls
1992   Carrara Stadium   Robert Walls
1993   Gabba   Robert Walls
1994   Gabba   Robert Walls
1995   Gabba   Robert Walls
1996   Michael Voss   Gabba   John Northey
1997   Gabba   John Northey
1998 2010 Logo Lions   Gabba   John Northey
1999   Gabba   Leigh Matthews
2000   Gabba   Leigh Matthews
2001 2010 Logo Lions   Jason Akermanis   Gabba   Leigh Matthews
2002 2010 Logo Lions   Simon Black   Gabba   Leigh Matthews
2003 2010 Logo Lions   Gabba   Leigh Matthews
2004 2010 Logo Lions   Gabba   Leigh Matthews
2005   Gabba   Leigh Matthews
2006   Gabba   Leigh Matthews
2007   Jonathan Brown   Gabba   Leigh Matthews
2008   Gabba   Leigh Matthews
2009   Gabba   Michael Voss
2010   Gabba   Michael Voss
2011   Gabba   Michael Voss
2012   Gabba   Michael Voss
2013   Gabba   Michael Voss
2014   Gabba   Justin Leppitsch
2015   Gabba   Justin Leppitsch
2016 Gabba Justin Leppitsch
2017 2010 Logo Lions Gabba Justin Leppitsch
Year Premiers Runners
Coleman Brownlow Home Ground Coach
Titles Medals

Current SquadEdit

Brisbane Lions Football Club



2 Ryan Harwood
3 Allen Cristensen
5 Mitch Robinson
6 Josh Green
8 Rohan Bewick
9 Dayne Beams
10 Daniel Rich
11 Pearce Hanley
12 Stefan Martin
13 Trent West
15 Dayne Zorko
17 Claye Beams
18 Nick Robertson
19 Josh Clayton
20 Josh Watts
21 Daniel Merrett
22 Marco Paparone
24 Liam Dawson
25 Daniel McStay
26 Tom Cutler
27 Darcy Gardiner
28 Lewis Taylor
29 Jaden McGrath
31 Harris Andrews
32 Sam Mayes
33 Michael Close
34 Jonathan Freeman
35 Ryan Lester
37 Cian Hanley
38 Tom Rockliff (C)
39 Jackson Paine
40 Matt Hammelmann
42 Justin Clarke
43 Josh McGuinness
44 Archie Smith
46 Billy Evans
48 Hugh Beasley
TBD Ryan Bastinac
TBD Tom Bell
TBD Jarrad Jansen
TBD Josh Walker
Italics denote Rookies
(C) denotes Captain

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